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Adding INTELLECTUAL Properties to my investment portfolio lets me relax as the royalties roll in!

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"What Does It Take To
Turn Your Conversations Into
Profit Making Corporations
Which Promote Your Core Business?"
YOU can now easily write a book over the phone in about 90 minutes, then turn that book into a corporation which promotes your core business, using our fun-to-use system.

Authors know that books are amazing lead generators, prospect qualifiers, and image enhancers.

What is not so well known is that the money is not in the book, but in the ancillary products and services derived from the book. It is in the invitations to lucrative consulting gigs, speaking engagements, licensing and merchandising opportunities that come from having written the book.

Even less well known is that whole corporations can be built around the book, and products derived from it, and those corporations can in and of themselves become products and sold for many times what they generate in revenues.

Our system can build a complete corporation around your book,  derive other products and services from it, then publish and market them all for you as well.

Each product and service that we develop actually serves to promote your main business.

It is essentially ongoing advertising that pays you over and over again! 

So, If You Want to Know How  To Turn Your Conversations Into Profit Making Corporations Which Promote Your Core Business.

Take the following fun quiz for Your Intellectual Property Secrets Special Report:
1)     When you think about writing a book you are:
  Scared stiff, you don't think you have anything worth saying or that people would want to listen to you anyways.
  Not interested in putting in the time and energy required.
  Very interested, it is something you have always wanted to do.
  Actively looking for a publisher to take your manuscript and make you rich and famous.
  Seeing it as a great opportunity to build credibility and draw people into your business.
2)     When you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again about your work do you?
  Brush them off as not being very important.
  Answer them in as few words as possible so you can move on to more interesting things.
  Find yourself taking a few minutes to answer even though the answer seems like common sense to you.
  Wish there was some way to get paid for answering.
  Recognize this as a sales opportunity and begin selling the person on what your business can do for them.
  Write the question down knowing it is extremely valuable marketing info.
3)     When it comes to exploiting new opportunities for passive income streams you are:
  Clueless - what is a passive income stream?
  Wishing you could get your hands on some.
  Diligently looking for them.
  Already enjoying more than you can handle and don't want any more.
  Open to seeing what else is available.
4)     In regards to building assets with huge capital gains upside potential you are:
  Wondering what I am talking about.
  Thinking back to the last time someone burned you with a half-baked concept.
  Already spending the money in your head.
  Interested and want to know more.
5)     When you hear the words "Selling Out" you think:
  "I have too much artistic integrity for that."
  "I'd better get mine quick then."
  "That's the dream I want to achieve with my products and company."
6)     When it comes to your Great Idea you:
  "Try to protect it as much as possible because you don't want anyone stealing it."
  Spend all your time analyzing it, and never get around to taking action on it.
  Want someone to recognize your genius and make you rich and famous just for coming up with it.
  Know that the real value of it comes as it is implemented so you start testing it out in the real world as quick as possible.
7)     Personal beliefs and religious faith:
  Should be kept private and have no place in the marketplace.
  Are tolerant of the views of others to the point that you don't want to offend anyone else by expressing yours.
  Are the foundations of life and great fortunes.
8)     When advertising your business you:
  Rely solely on word of mouth.
  Only looking for free advertising.
  Already have your media budget and plan in place with no room for untested approaches.
  Are looking for any way to get better mindshare, marketshare, and an edge over your competition.
9)     When thinking about speaking in public you:
  Freeze at the very thought with a severe case of stage fright.
  Don't think you have anything to say that people would want to listen to.
  Love to talk and would talk to anyone about anything.
  Know that with a bit of proper training this could be even more profitable for you than it already is.
10)     In terms of joint ventures you:
  Would never even consider one as the liability and risks are too great.
  Have to know somebody pretty well before you would even think of doing business with them.
  Are still trying to figure out just how to set one up and make it work.
  Are always excited about good opportunities, especially if they are easy to take action on and profit from.

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